6 Upcoming Electric Cars Under Rs 20 Lakh In India 2024

These are the top upcoming EVs under Rs 20 Lakh arriving in India in 2024

In 2024, the Indian electric car market is set to witness a surge in affordable and eco-friendly options, with six upcoming electric cars priced under Rs 20 lakh. These vehicles are poised to revolutionize the way Indians commute and will offer a perfect blend of sustainability and affordability. With innovations in battery tech and a growing charging infrastructure, these EVs are expected to provide substantial driving range and a great value for money. From established automakers to emerging startups, the lineup promises variety and will cater to diverse preferences and needs. These upcoming electric cars represent a significant step forward in India’s transition towards sustainable transportation. Let’s take a deep dive into it.

1. Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R Electric

Source: GoMechanic

Maruti Suzuki is among the top automakers gearing up for the electric revolution in the Indian market. Maruti India’s largest and best-selling automaker will start its electric lineup with a variety of cars. Starting from the Wagon-R electric which packs a nicely done design and will offer a range of over 350 Km. It is among the best upcoming electric cars under Rs 20 lakh to buy in India. We expect the Wagon-R EV will launch in India in 2024.

2. Tata Nano EV

Source: Autoblog

Tata Motors showed the Nano EV Concept at the Auto Expo last year. Tata Nano made headlines becoming one of the world’s cheapest cars retailing at just over Rs. 1.5 lakh. The Nano EV will like;y make its debut in 2024 with a refined design and will offer a range of up to 300 Km. The Nano EV will replace Tata’s entry-level car and is among the upcoming electric cars under Rs 20 lakh.

3. Mahindra BE.05

Source: TOI

Mahindra displayed its electrified lineup last year with an array of electric cars solidifying the future of the home-grown carmaker. Among them, the BE.05 Concept will be the company’s entry-level EV sitting below the BE.09 Concept. It is among the best upcoming electric cars under Rs 20 lakh launching next year. The BE.05 will boast a cutting-edge design and will offer a range of up to 600 Km on a single charge.

4. Hyundai Venue Electric

Source: Ciriondo

Hyundai will also launch its electrified portfolio in the sub-20 lakh segment in India by next year. The South Korean automaker is already selling some of the best premium cars in their respecting segments. Hyundai’s electrified portfolio will consist of several cars, one of which is the Hyundai Venue electric. Priced at just under Rs. 20 lakh, the Venue Electric will likely be based on the current-gen Venue with an electrified powertrain. Combined with Hyundai’s best-in-segment features, safety and premium appeal, the Venue is a worthy car in our list of the best upcoming electric cars under Rs 20 lakh in India.

5. Tata Punch EV

Source; V3Cars

Next comes the Tata Punch EV as one of the upcoming electric cars under Rs 20 lakh in India. After the Punch CNG, Tata Motors is set to unveil the electrified models of Altroz and the Punch. The Punch EV will be based on the current-gen model and will offer a new-age design as the Nexon EV Facelift. The Punch EV will cost between Rs. 10- 15 lakh in India and will offer range of around 350 Km on a single charge.

6. Honda Elevate Electric

Source: Motor1

Honda recently launched the Elevate, a compact SUV that is worthy of its segment leading comfort, refined performance, and offers loads of modern features. Along with that, Honda will launch its eelctrifed model soon in the Indian market. The Elevate EV will offer a single motor setup making over 200 hp of power and will offer a range of around 450 Km on a single charge.

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