Top Upcoming Electric Tractors In India Next Year

These are the Top Upcoming electric tractors launching in India Next Year

As we approach the year 2024, Indian agriculture is at the cusp of a transformative period with the advent of electric tractors. These machines represent more than just a modernization of the farming landscape; they represent a shift toward smarter, eco-friendly, and cost-effective agricultural practices. Electric tractors are versatile workhorses capable of ploughing, planting, hauling, and harvesting, all while reducing pollution and fuel costs. In this article, we will explore the details of some of the top upcoming electric tractors in India. It includes their expected features, pricing, availability, sales forecasts, and anticipated launch dates in 2024.

1. Murugappa Group [Cellestial E-Mobility]

Top Upcoming Electric Tractors In India Next Year
Source: Autocar Professional

The Murugappa Group is a prominent conglomerate with a strong presence in diverse sectors. It includes agriculture solutions and made a strategic move by acquiring Cellestial E-Mobility. Cellestial E-Mobility is led by an experienced team and is dedicated to crafting intelligent automotive solutions. The company is set to introduce three electric tractors (e-tractors) by March 2024, equipped with advanced batteries and smart farming tools. These e-tractors are expected to redefine farming practices.

2. Sonalika Electric

Top Upcoming Electric Tractors In India Next Year
Source: EVReporter

Sonalika Tractors is known for its farmer-centric approach. The company launched the Sonalika Tiger Electric, India’s first electric field-ready tractor. With impressive features like a German-designed E Trac motor, quick charging, and enhanced safety and comfort, Sonalika’s foray into electric tractors has been successful. Sonalika Tractors will introduce another significant E-Tractor in the upcoming year, further contributing to the evolving EV landscape.

3. AutoNxt Automation

Top Upcoming Electric Tractors In India Next Year
Source: Saur Energy

AutoNxt Automation a company dedicated to electric tractors and autonomous technology, unveiled the X45H2 electric tractor. Boasting substantial power and battery capacity, hydraulic systems, and smart capabilities, the X45H2 has garnered significant attention. With plans to release autonomous driving features by 2024, AutoNxt Automation is set to revolutionize agriculture with its electric and self-driving tractors.

4. Bullwork Mobility

Top Upcoming Electric Tractors In India Next Year

Bullwork Mobility is set to disrupt the agriculture and construction sectors with its innovative drive-by-wire systems and electric tractors. They are launching two models of traction platforms: e-Tractor and Vamana. The e-Tractor, designed for heavy-duty tasks, offers high torque, fast charging, and autonomous capabilities. The Vamana Electric Tractor, catering to smaller farms, provides a compact, efficient solution with a swappable battery. Both tractors incorporate GPS systems for precise navigation.


The expected launch dates and pricing for these tractors vary, offering options for diverse farming needs. These upcoming electric tractors have the potential to revolutionize Indian agriculture, making it more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. As electric tractors become more prevalent, they will play a crucial role in shaping the future of farming in India.

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