Brand-new Ultraviolette F99 at the EICMA 2023

Ultraviolette is a pioneering Indian electric vehicle startup hailing from Bangalore.

The brand stole the spotlight at EICMA 2023 with the grand unveiling of its cutting-edge creation, the Ultraviolette F99 Factory Racing Platform.

It is currently the fastest electric motorcycle manufactured in India.

The Ultraviolette F99 sets a new benchmark for electric motorcycles with a range of groundbreaking features. At its core lies a liquid-cooled motor that delivers an astonishing 90kW of peak power.

What sets it apart is its claimed top speed of 265 kmph making it one of the fastest electric motorcycles in the world. Furthermore, it offers impressive acceleration, rocketing from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 3 seconds

Ultraviolette has exciting plans for the global launch of the production-ready F99, slated for 2025.