Toyota FT-Se Concept Revealed: Check Details

Toyota’s latest unveil at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show is an electric sportscar concept named the Ft-Se.

Touted by many as a possible successor to the MR2, the FT-Se concept gives us a glimpse into what Toyota’s cars of the future might look like.

The vehicle makes its debut alongside the FT-3e, an electric SUV also built on the same platform.

In terms of its design, the FT-Se looks sleek and compact. The fascia features DRLs that vertically run from the hood section, all the way down into the large air intakes underneath.

On the inside, the FT-Se features a very minimalistic cabin with sports seats lined with blue upholstery.

However, what’s sure to get enthusiasts' hearts racing is the fact that the car will also feature a manual transmission mode.

Although what this means is not entirely clear at the moment, we assume it could be related to previous reports about Toyota developing a manual transmission for its EVs.